Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Romantic Rooms

Pretty romantic rooms for a dreary day.
It's raining here....finally.
We've needed rain so badly.
So good to hear it coming down outside.

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching and that always gets me in the mood for lots of pink.
Here's some pretty rooms taken from my Pinterest files.

We've got some really pretty Valentine things at Pier 1.

A nice rose wreath
cute garden flag
felt heart garland

This is my favorite thing we have. 
I'm tempted to get myself but I'm making my decorations.

little glitter owl ornaments
and a big glitter owl

Sally came home yesterday from the vet.
She is just fine...and super cheerful.
Staying at the vet didn't seem to damage her emotionally.

Rosie is a little better today. 
We took her again to the vet yesterday because 
she still wasn't eating.

She has had us very worried.

I thought Sally's illness was because of stress but the fact that 
Rosie came down with the same thing makes me think something got all 
stirred up in my backyard with the sewer line replacement and they must have eaten 
something they shouldn't have...so add $800 in vet bills on to the $4,000 sewer line cost.

I'm just hoping the others don't get sick too.
So far they all act fine.
Sally and Rosie are the biggest culprits for eating things they shouldn't.
So I'm guessing that is why they got sick.

Makes you wonder how any dog ever survived in the wild.


Bev Carter said...

Love the look of your rooms. They are just gorgeous. I am your newest follower.

Hope you will follow me at:

Have a great week.

Dewena Callis said...

Love the bedrooms above. That vet bill? Makes you want to just put the dogs in a big bubble to protect them, and your purse.

We are beginning to wonder if our big dog got into some antifreeze at the neighbor's. We have 24 acres, but where does he like to go? To the neighbors. Maybe this is payback for a couple of weeks ago when he brought home a whole country ham and took it to the barn. We were too embarrassed to go to them and ask if they were missing a ham and it was not in any condition to be returned to them.

Cottage Dreaming and Flea Market Wishes said...

hope the doggies are doing ok this afternon...

Cindy said...

Gorgeous rooms! And so romantic.
Glad to hear that you're getting rain and that Sally is feeling better, I hope you have health insurance for them, vet visits and stays can be SO costly.
Hugs, Cindy

Squeak said...

Oh, the poor dogs! I hope they're okay.

I love that rose wreath! And the bed in the picture with the floral curtains looks just like mine.

Tricia said...

I hope the weenies are feeling better. I love the rooms above! A friend of mine went to Pier 1 and bought the cutest white bunny, eyelet napkin & plate. I will try and snap a picture of it for you : )

"Create Beauty" said...

Such pretty rooms! Makes me want to get more pink here, besides the pink frosted heart cookies I just consumed for lunch (come over to see photos of now extinct cookies)

Our afghan hound Dazzle wouldn't eat or drink for 48 hours but didn't have a fever so I waited until Monday for the regular vet (instead of costly emergency vet, my dogs seem to get sick on weekends! Why is that?!?) They did blood work. Then offered her some canned bland food. Which the rascal ate. When I picked her up she seemed back to normal. I told her as I was paying her bill that she could not get that diamond tiara she had her eye on after this vet bill. I guess I could have waited one more day, but we lost a puppy who was having these type of issues, and Daz has been known to swallow a rock in the past ~ which involved emergency surgery when she was 6 months old. (I asked to keep the rock as it is my most expensive stone)

So, all this to say, I know what you mean!!!!! I hope your sweet doggy is back to her healthy self soon. Our dogs will eat the most disgusting stuff, I agree, how did they survive in the wild?!?!?

~ Violet

TiKiMOOSE said...

Glad to hear the pups are fine. Those rooms are nice but I think your front room is nicer than any of these. You should do a new shoot of your room with some flowers and hats sitting around, you'll see it's nicer than those pics.
I always like rainy days too, especially if I don't have to go anywhere. You and your mom have a great day. Thanks for stopping by my blog...you're about the only one that does.

Cynthia Myers said...

? (email me.)
I know you love your vet but...fluids and hospitalization should not add up to THAT.
I don't know, maybe it's more expensive were you live but..

I AM glad to hear that the girls are doing better though.
(ask your vet what he thinks about giving them a little bit of canned pumpkin.)

Denise said...

Bless your heart! You just can't seem to catch a break. That is quite a vet. bill. LOVE that first room. All of the pretty color. Hope the rest of your week is good!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I hate my bedroom for now, so I loved watching those gorgeous ones... One day...

Katarina said...

Great pictures! Glad to hear that doggies are o.k. :-)

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