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Monday, January 28, 2013

Mod Mix Monday #86

Winter White
elegant, shabby, junky, vintage

Not much modern in this photo...maybe the star in the window.
I just thought it was a pretty room and loved the jonquils sprouting in the metal container on the 
coffee table.

My next door neighbor's daffodils are up and blooming.
No sign of mine as of yet.
Seems awfully early to be seeing daffodils...and yet...there they are.

Again this is late...again I missed doing a Sunday Open House.
Still having a hard time managing...everything.
Mom is doing way better....she'll be going home soon.
Maybe in another week.
Sally got sick....and then Rosie did too.
So we spent the last two days at the vet.

Both had serious vomiting and diarrhea.
I thought Sally's was from stress but not sure what caused Rosie's.
Sally was dehydrated and had to spend the weekend at the vet.
Rosie got fluids and came home. 

Mom fell out of bed last night.
She says Marcus pushed her out.
I have to say he looked pretty guilty when I went in and found her on the floor.
She says he's pushed her out before.

She was ok...but had a knot on her head where she hit the nightstand.

She says that I'll be glad when they are all gone because it's too much drama.
Kind of has been a lot of drama of late. 

I am so ready for some boring days.

Let's look at some pretty stuff....here are my favorites from Mod Mix Monday last week.
Olive of Olive Out showed off her new kitchen island. 
It's made from a vintage window. I really love it...wish it were mine.
Andrea of Opulent Cottage showed off her new little vintage green scale.
Restoration Redoux painted this yummy turquoise little dresser.
Oh...I could give this piece a happy home. It's so pretty!
The Junk in Our Trunks showed off their latest painted piece.
I love the color on this one mixed with the wood stained drawer. 
Those painted knobs just make this.
Angela at Number Fifty-Three made a cute little book paper heart garland to bring 
a little Valentine's into her vignette.

I'll have some Valentine decor up this week myself. 
Running late on that too....oh...I'm getting tired of being behind on everything.
But that is just the way things are right now.

I bet there will be lots of Valentine's stuff on this party next week.

Share your Mod Mixes for this week below.
Remember anything old made over to be new...anything new changed up to look old.
New and old together...
Please include the Mod Mix Monday logo and back link to me.
Use a permalink to your post, for sure.

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My Shabby Chic Home said...

Thanks so much for hosting! Have a great week!!!

Anonymous said...

You deserve some boring days for sure. Hope the dogs and your mom are feeling better soon and you have time to do something, anything just for yourself...you certainly have earned it! Here's to an uneventful week.

Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Thanks so much for hosting!!


Ricki Treleaven said...

Great features from last week, and I love your inspirational photo. There's plenty of texture with the winter whites to keep it interesting!

Thanks for hosting!

Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Sometimes boring can be good. Hope your mom is okay. Ouch! And of course, I hope the pups are doing better. Thanks for hosting, Nita.

Liz @ Quirky Vistas said...

Sounds like you need a rest. Hope all is well soon. Thanks for taking time for the party despite it all. The features are so fun and fresh.
Liz @ Quirky Vistas

Amy Chalmers said...

Wouldn't you love to not have to go to a hospital or a vet's office for an entire year?! Heaven!! My gosh you are the Florence Nightingale of your area....well hang in there kid. Sorry mom fell out of bed...she better start shoving Marcus right back.

Scribbler said...

HOpe the drama settles down soon! Thanks for the party.

Anonymous said...

Uh--I have to tell you,
when I opened your post,
I was totally transfixed at the 1st photo. It took forever to move beyond it. I'm totally jealous, and wish it was MINE!

Cottage and Broome said...

Nita, I can't believe that daffodils are coming up already!! We are locked in winter here. Thanks for hosting, Laura

Shanna768 said...

Nita- Thanks so much for featuring my turquoise dresser!

Diane | An Extraordinary Day said...

My...that is a lot of drama! I hope that your days become beautiful soon.
Such pretty features today!

the junk in our trunks said...

Thank you for featuring my end table and hosting. Have a wonderful day.

Cindy said...

Last weeks party was very fun, I shall have to check out some of these today. i blogged about my bedroom again, so I won't join you today.


Beautiful feautures dear Nita. Thank you for hosting this pretty meme. Have a nice week.

Katarina said...

Nita, thank you for hosting!
These are some awesome photos! (I like that owl lamp a lot!) Daffodils are blooming already... that sounds lovely! It's snowing heavily here.
I hope you mum is really o.k. Hope Sally and Rosie will feel better soon.

Debra@CommonGround said...

LOVE love that image of the tufted sofa! just linked up, thanks for hosting!!

Dewena said...

Oh, I hope Sally is all better now, those symptoms always scare me because it could be something simple or something serious. So glad you got her right to vet even if she did have to be away from you for the weekend. And I hope your mother is okay. I think I'd make Marcus take a different spot in the bed!

I had already seen Olive's beautiful island made from windows and love it! Tonight I'll sit down and visit everyone else and see if I can get any ideas.

Our lab/Pyrenees mix has been sick and has temporarily become a house dog . White hair everywhere and gates set up to keep him off sofa. He has a house within a house outside in the smokehouse but I needed him inside to take care of him. I just hate to see an animal feeling bad.

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

Thanks for hosting. Hope you'll have a great week.

adesignart said...

Nita. I did not get your email today.??????i had to pull it off the web.

Unknown said...

Thank you for a great party Nita!! Have a wonderful week :)


Olive said...

Hi Nita, thanks so much for featuring the island. I took Monday off and look what happens. xo, olive

Eileen said...

Love the turquoise dresser. Thanks for hosting. :)

Miss Kitty said...

Hi Nita! Thanks for hosting your party for us today even tho you have A LOT of other things going on in your life. I adore the darling things at Pier One that you showed us...gotta come get some of those cute carrots before they are gone. I love the romantic rooms that you posted on 1/29/13...just dreamy!

Cindi Myers said...

Hey! That little Marcus needs to sleep on the other side of your mom! But I can see how that would happen. Hattie is a bed hog too.
So, what did the vet say was wrong with those 2?
I wish I lived near you. I could have brought over some fluids. I'm wondering if you could have given them some Pedialyte?

Shannon Fox said...

I wish you boring, boring, drama free days for as long as you need them! And a big, fat tropical vacation.

Thanks for hosting the fabulous MMM :)
Hugs - Shannon