Sunday, February 26, 2012

Open House Sunday 37

Eclectic Cottage
This little cottage I found on Country Living's website. 
It's full of nice details.
I'm loving the blue ottoman and all the lilacs.
A cupboard stuffed with oddities.
See? Oddities.
fresh displays of old familiar things
the hip bar cart so prevalent these days
What do you think about the repeating "Last Supper" paintings on the wall?
I think it's pretty genius. Oh...the time I spent staring at that painting during church
when I was a kid. I'd sit and watch the clock and see how long I could hold my 
breath and stare at the "Last Supper", till my Dad would thump me in the 
temple with his forefinger. Which meant he was watching me and I needed to cut it out.
My Dad had eyes on the side of his head during church. 
But I remiss....I like that chandelier with all the little souvenirs clipped to it.
cute porch and I like the moose head
austere bedroom but quaint
How could you not like a country bathroom complete with white paneled walls and 
Chairman Mao? His eyes follow you while you bathe.
And this room had me at doxies.
This sleeping porch is really why I'm showing this house.
The perfect spot to curl up for a Sunday afternoon nap with puppies.

Have a pleasant Sunday!


ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

BEAUTIFUL home Nita thanks for sharing it with us!

sharon said...

Nita - Once again you've reminded us that decorating is all about mixing unique items so that we pause to enjoy the moment. Chairman Mao in my bath, no, but gosh isn't that cleverly done! And all the sundries in the hutch really make you stop to look closely. Thanks for sharing the photos and for the lesson!

Bliss said...

I do not want Chairman Mao watching me at anything, particularly bathing!


Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

Oh what a wonderful place. I love all the vignettes. That little bedroom was so sweet. I'd stay there.

Debby said...

When I saw that picture of the doxies I immediately thought of you.

Anonymous said...

I love a little whimsey in a home. This one is so refreshing with its clever use of collectables. Love the sleeping porch-we call it a nap-atorium at our house.

Michelle said...

Your blog is a breath of fresh air. I know I will be looking at gorgeous pictures and you always have me the church story!

Traci said...

Cute cottage and I loved the sleeping porch too, but I am a push over for any and all pics with dogs in them. But that bathroom with the picture of Chairman Mao above the tub? Nothing saying relax more than a picture of a dictator watching you while you soak.
Have a great day.

Cameo said...

I'm with BLISS,....Mao just doesn't do it for me!
Glad to read you are feeling better as I do so enjoy reading your blog. Go by the vitamin store and get yourself a bottle of B-12 drops. Apply them sublingual (follow directions). It will give you a bit of an energy boost and strengthen your immune system, which you need now.

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Yes Michelle said it best. Gorgeous pics and fun stories!! I love your blog Nita, its always excellent!

Bonnie@ The Hopeless Romantic said...

That last pic is my favorite....Im really craving Spring, and am thinking about maybe adding a bed to the porch.......good to see u Nita, hope ur weekend is goin well, Bonnie

Cindy said...

That is the cutest little cottage, I adore it and I love all of the details. I don't know about all of the Last Supper pictures there together, not sure.
Hugs, cindy

Daryl at Vermont Cottage said...

I love the bathroom with Mao. But I like things quirky and that is quirky! There has to be a story there.

Syndi of Beachnut Lane said...

What I like about this cottage is that is filled with personality, not trends. Unique collections and items that make a place a home, not a showplace.

24 Corners said...

The Weenies sealed the deal for this one with me too!!! That day bed would be much too high for Miss. Ginger these days...she's 14 and needs her little ottoman to help with the up and down moves.
xo J~

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