Thursday, February 16, 2012

Murad Skincare

As Seen on TV

Well, I didn't have a very good Valentine's Day. 
I came down with a terrible cold and spent my day off in bed so I didn't get to do anything
and didn't do any of my special Valentine's activities that I'd planned to do.
I think I caught my cold from Violet who went to the Vet on Monday for a runny nose.

Anyway, I always try to embrace Valentine's Day whether I have a significant other or not, 
which is usually NOT.
I think it's a day to let those you love know how much you appreciate and love them.

But none of that for me yesterday.

Now...I want to talk beauty today. This is not a subject I've talked about before here.
Last July, I turned 50....ugh...yes....the big 5 0.
I always thought that when you got older....Yes, you got wrinkles but no more break outs.....right?
No...when you get have wrinkles AND breakouts!
I've been struggling with this for quite awhile. 
My skin was perfect in my 30's but all through my 40's it started acting like a teenagers.
Through the help of my skin stayed clear pretty much.
But when I asked him what I could do...he said it was all hormonal and nothing I could do about it.

So one night last month...I'm watching late night tv and an infomercial comes on.
Miss Joan Lunden was touting the magnificent results her aging skin had gained by 
using Murad Skincare products.
Ok, first let me tell you that I am not associated in any way with Murad. 
I was not contacted to write this post.
I am writing this post...because this is an amazing product.
At least for me and I wanted to share it with you.
I am receiving no monetary reward for telling you about this.
It's just a great product.

Joan Lunden and her friends were going on and on about how much better their skin was since using.
And I had to admit...she and they looked pretty young and fabulous.
So after watching the program, I got on their website and ordered the introductory kit.
The cost was $39.95....and I thought I'd just take a risk. 
They promised I could return if I didn't like.

But I LOVED it!
My skin gets terribly dry in the much so that I have to slather vaseline 
around my eyes at night while sleeping to keep the skin from peeling.
I got this beauty tip from Tyra Banks.

It worked...but I could not be good to have a petroleum product all around my eyes each night.

So I got my introductory kit in and started using immediately.
They promised results in 30 days.
30 days? Try three days.
My skin was the softest its been in years.
No more pesky breakouts.
Their age defying night cream....solved all my problems with dry skin.
My skin is more even in tone than it's been in 10 years.
I also had one wrinkle that was forming under my right eye.
It was gone in two days and has not come back.
I wake with my eyes looking fresh instead of tired and puffy.

I know this sounds to good to believe but really this is what I've experienced.

Here is the only bad part about the introductory kit,
it comes with Sheer Lustre Day Moisture and Renewing Eye Cream.
I adored both products! But such small bottles. 
I was out by the end of the first month and to reorder's like $50 per item.
The Day Moisture just makes your skin glow.
The eye cream is the first eye cream I've ever used that actually did what was promised.
The skin under my eyes was visibly firmer each time I used it.

But here is the sad part of the story.
I can't afford $100 every month extra although the large sizes probably last much longer than a month.
(I'm sure they do)
So I hope to be able to order them some time soon.

I've tried other eye creams and they always make the skin around my eyes sting.
This one did not.

I tried one the other day I bought for $ made my eyes all puffy and made my eyes water.
I also tried Preparation H.
I was told that it works wonders. smells horrid and did nothing for my eyes. Besides I just couldn't forget what was on my face.
And it made my skin all greasy.

Anyway...I wasted over $20 on stuff that does not work. 
Another $30 and I could have gotten the miracle cure from Murad.

I did look these products up online before I ordered and read many great reviews.
Anyway.... I just wanted to pass my find on to you and also to ask if there is an eye cream 
that you love that is cheaper than $50.
You can order the introductory kit by clicking above.

Too bad I don't get paid for my recommendation.
This stuff is just super fabulous!

Maybe an ad will show up on my sidebar through the magic of Google. 
We'll see. 
I'll be anxious to hear how it works for you if you order.


jeanette from everton terrace said...

I am forever trying new products and lines. Some I like and some, not so much. It's good to have a real, unpaid, endorsement. I have the same eye watering problem with almost everything.
This is probably better for you than the chocolate I'm giving away today :)

Ginger Zuck said...

Nita, I feel your pain. Sounds like you have found the miracle. I'm a Merle Norman girl and have been all my adult life and I work at a studio part time. I have extremely dry skin. We have a skin care line called Daily Moisture that is wonderful for women who have extremely dry skin. If you would like to try it, email me your address and I would be happy to mail you some samples to try. MN is made in the USA and I am very proud of that fact too. Good luck, hope you figure out something, Send me your address!

Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Oh this is interesting. I have to say when I was in my mid forties I was starting to feel "old" seeing the wrinkles appearing..I went to the Chanel counter and bought $400 worth of products! OMG, don't ever agree to sit down and have them do your face~but I looked great and felt good~what I will say is that their eye cream was wonderful. It really worked and it was $43. It is probably more now...but I kept using that product til I married DAve, and now he gets the real me!! haha!

Anonymous said...

I am like you, I had great skin until my mid 40s and was told the same hormonal bs. I am a member of massage envy which also offers facials using Murad products, I have been happy with the improvement in my skin using their products. I think using good products is an investment. Hope they do sponsor ya.

Debby said...

Do these products work for age spots. So glad to hear of something that works on problem areas. Sorry you were sick on V. Day.

Anonymous said...

I am really glad you found something that works for you. To be honest it sounds like your skin was just SUPER dry, as NOTHING, not even a prescription tretinoin product like Retin A (that you probably could not tolerate, from the way you have described your skin) will make a wrinkle go away so quickly. You just needed intense hydration with no irritation. Not as easy to find as it should be.

You know, petroleum really isn't "bad" for skin. If you think about it, and if the advertisers wanted to get all clever it could be marketed as a natural product of the earth!Would be as valid as most other skin care claims, anyway! Try Aquaphor around your eyes. It is fragrance and preservative free, and super emolient. I wouldn't put it all over your face, but certainly try it under your eyes and on flaky patches. It is super cheap, not "inexpensive" but down right cheap, so if it doesn't work no real loss, I am sure you could use it on your cuticles or heels.:)

As for cleansing, good old Cetaphil liquid cleanser is very gentle and does the trick, and when it comes to cleansing I firmly believe we should all cleanse as gently as possible unless we have extremely oily skin.

Paula Begoun on her website has a Benzoyl Peroxide treatment cream that I think is around the $20 mark, but if you are just spot treating (and please, just spot treat, don't slather all over your face) a tube will last you a long time. It works well for my teen, and BP is a good ingredient if well formulated, for most people who do not have acne severe enough to require a prescription. Again, it is free of known irritants. SO many skin care products are NOT (not at all) and if you have sensitve skin, prone to breakouts, irritants are even more your enemy than they are for the lucky few with perfect skin that reacts to nothing.

Good luck with your skin care search. I know it must be frustrating to have found a great product but for the cost to be prohibitive.


Lisa said...

I hear you on the wrinkles and zits girlfriend. I am 52 and have the same hormonal issues. I also have extremely sensitive skin around my eyes and most products just burn, sting, and end up making the situation worse. I will give this a try - thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is Louise again (skincare is my thing, I am not obsessed with you or this post or anything):) but I just looked up the Skin Balancing Night Cream (would love to look up the ingredients in ALL of the products you liked, it is actually something I enjoy and find fascinating, but don't have the time right now) and I have to say THERE ARE A TON of oils in that product. Not necessarily a bad thing at all. SOME oils are GREAT for the skin.

The first three ingredients (like foods, the ones used in greatest quantity are listed first) have stabilizing and non separating qualities . .and after that mostly OILS. I don't know that I recall seeing a product with SO many. No wonder you found it hydrating!

This leads me to suggest a FAVOURITE skin care product for ALL OVER your face, not just under your eyes. Jojoba oil. Buy organic from a health food store. You will need only a couple drops for all over your face at night time. It is very close in structure to the oils in your skin, it will not clog your pores or break you out. If you break out it won't be bacause of the jojoba. Because it is so close in structure to human sebum it actually helps balance skin that has a tendency to get oily. I honestly think you need ONLY jojoba, not a myriad of oils to receive the benefits a good oil can provide your skin.

So that is my skin care list for night time . . in the day just cleanse and use a good spf. That is a whole other issue!:) A good, for you, spf!:)

At night:

Cleanse with Cetaphil.

Apply 2 drops of Jojoba all over face.

Apply Aquaphor beneath the eyes.

Let skin dry,.

Apply Paula Begoun Benzoyl Peroxide treatment cream to pimples only.

Keep in mind I have tried to come up with the most inexpensive routine for you. Are there "fancier" eye creams with more state of the art anti aging ingredients, yes of course, but for soley keeping the eye area moist and non flaky, while being non irritating I believe Aquaphor should work well.

I would love to know if you try this and what you think.

Anonymous said...

There is mica in the Day Moisturizer, right at the end of the ingredient list. Believe me, that is where a noticable "glow" comes from. When you said it made you "glow" I was almost willing to bet money mica would be somewhere in the ingredients, and yep, there it is.:-) Nothing wrong with some smoke and mirrors, I use it to my benefit all the time, but just so you are aware that there isn't a miracle ingredient that has made you glow from the inside out!:-) I am sure there are very good ingredients that your skin likes in the day moisturizer (the proof is in the pudding, you are pleased with your skin) but the glow isn't some kind of miracle!


I'm done being obsessed with your skincare now.:-) Thanks for listening!

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

I guess I didn't make myself clear. I am using the three products religiously but ran out of the eye cream and day moisture that came as free samples and couldn't afford to order them as well as the basic set. I have used SPF 30 on my face every day under makeup for like 20 my skin is good.

I know my face cannot take a strong cleanser and this one works perfect. I've used dove soap forever. But this feels better.

Did I say noticeably smaller pores and yes they do have a product for age spots which they sent me a sample of last month with my latest order. I have not tried it since I don't have age spots.

This stuff has just made my skin so smooth and bright...just better than it has been in years.

tearinguphouses said...

never tried the stuff, but now i'm curious!

by the way, i hope you and violet are feeling better. i've had a runny nose forever now, and it's no fun.

Anonymous said...

You were clear. I just wanted to suggest a very affordable, but good skin care regime for you. I am not suggesting that what you like is not good, but I know good skincare does not have to be costly.

I just commented about the spf as it isn't unusual for people with dry/sensitive skin with hormonal breakouts to have a hard time finding an spf that doesn't make those situations worse. I wasn't implying you have sun spots or sun damaged skin.


Anonymous said...

I'm a nurse and we use Aquaphor on our elderly residents--this product is amazing: example--an aged gentleman late 80's claims that he and several other pilots during war-time contacted chemical burns. His legs and arms were treated with many medicinal regimes and sometimes it would look better. Aquaphor came to the rescue--it is amazing what it has done for his skin! --so I use it as a nightly facial regime (it's thick--a small jar of this goes a long way)--I love this stuff (I'm in my 50's;).

Anonymous said...

Hi, me the nurse again--let me please clarify--what I've seen on my patients is this--if hard, dry, cracked, deep-creases on "elderly people" seem to go away with the daily use of Aquaphor--it's got to work nicely on a young person (such as yourself and me)--so THATs why I'm so sold on the product. I use it around my eyes and mouth (those smile lines)--and I know it does a pretty good job. My problem now: I've lost weight and look thinner and feel better but I need a LifeStyle Lift! (aquaphor can't help with that;(

Nita {ModVintageLife} said...

Thanks for the suggestion on Aquaphor. I'll buy and try it next. Seems like most products sting my skin and make my eyes water. So I'll be thrilled if this works. Thanks!

Michelle said...

Wow, you and I have a lot in common: we are the same age, from the same town, and both have skincare problems. Ain't life fun? As a person who spends very little on beauty products, I am seriously considering trying this new stuff. I too have had eye creams sting and irritate, and it is no fun. Years ago I saw a man (I think he was a dermatologist) on Martha Stewart recommending Garnier Pro-lift cream, so I have been using this product and it seems to help with the dryness and hasn't irritated my eyes the way other creams have. I also found that makeup and creams containing Titanium Dioxide always sting and irritate my skin, so I avoid all beauty products with this ingredient.

vintage girl at heart said...

Love Auqaphor too. I use it alot. Under eyes, up dry noses, lips, cuticles etc.
I have heard that Murad line is fabulous. Lots of buzz in the bloggy world about it. I think I need to order it! :)
Hope you are feeling better and that Volet is too!
Enjoy your weekend!

"Create Beauty" said...

Interesting post!

I use aquaphor at night on my cuticles and a dab on my lips...
hadn't condsidered it under my eyes
but will try that. Murad sounds great! I was wondering what skin care products actually work, and I won't spend big bucks on them.

I got a zit on the side of my nose this week, yikes! I use to have such a problem with acne when I was younger... but not in my 50's!
Maybe I'm getting new hormones : )

~ Violet

24 Corners said...

Thanks for the great tip Nita! I'm always pulled into those infomercials but too chicken to order anything for fear of disappointment, which has happened in the past. It's nice to hear a good report about a TV offer like this, I'd love to give it a try!
They should definitely hire you!
xo J~

Betsy Speert said...

Luckily, I am a physically perfect speciman, and don't need anything on my skin. Athough I am 60, I look twenty. It helps that my eyesight ain't so good no more!

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