Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Outdoor Rooms

March brings in the Green
That's a mirror used outside. I love that look. I wonder how safe it is?
I do have a very shady backyard so it might work for me.
I think if it's in a sunny spot it can start a fire.
I can't help but think about outdoor spaces as the weather starts to change.
One month and I'll be able to start buying plants for outside again.
I can't wait. 
I never can afford to buy a lot of plants at once though...so it takes me a couple of months 
to get things looking nice.
A little here and a little there.
I think it must be nice to live in a warm climate where you don't have to start all over again 
each spring. 

I tried....I really did try my best to over winter a few plants this year.
I had huge ferns all over my back deck and I've tried bringing them in before
and leaves started falling everywhere and I couldn't take it.

But I vowed this year would be different. 
So before we had a hard freeze I brought in two super large queen ferns and a hibiscus.
A quick search on the internet told me that hibiscus is poisonous to dogs.

So I put it in one side of the kitchen sink where it would get plenty of light and be up away
from the dogs.

I lived for two months with a plant in my sink.
(not fun)

The ferns were easily four to five feet across, size wise. 
Harvey was very excited about them at first...he thought he was living in a jungle.

But then one day last month...I was watering the ferns and once again water went everywhere...
all over the floor. This because the plants were root bound and needed to be repotted.
But I didn't want to have four huge ferns in the house and was hoping to make it to 
spring before repotting. I wanted to do it outside.

So I had large plates and bowls under these ferns and water was still going all over the floor.
In frustration one night...after watering...

I said,
"That's it! It's either me or them. They have to go!" and I tossed them out onto the deck.
Harvey looked very worried and a little frightened...I think he thought he was next.
It was a warmish night - 40's. So they were fine for the night and the next day I put them in the garage.
The hibiscus went there too.

I'm sure they are dead. I've heard that plants will last if put in the garage but it has been 
very cold since then.

I haven't looked at them in like a month. I should have watered them but haven't...
maybe I will tomorrow.

So...I really have learned from this something I already knew...
I cannot handle big plants in the house. 
Maybe if the house didn't already have four live animals in it...
I could. 
Taking care of dogs is all I can manage. 
Besides dogs tell you when they need water and food and plants don't till it's too late.
I'm bad with fish too. 
You don't even want to know.


Amy Chalmers said...

You gave me a good laugh this morning Nita! I can just picture you throwing that fern outside all up to here with it. I have no luck with houseplants either, but I do have one giant Thanksgiving Cactus that I WISH would die...cuz it is ugly all year long until it flowers!! But I just can't throw it out, so right now it sits in my dining room. Every time I blog and take pics of this room, I carry it into the kitchen~lol

Ricki Treleaven said...

I never am successful with putting up with the plants inside, either. I have killed many hibiscus and daisy trees that way *sadface* I would love to have a small-ish English greenhouse in my backyard :D

That first picture you posted is ah-mazing!

Olive said...

You are too funny but I understand about the plants. I have five in the house and have faithfully rotated them in the window so they would be balanced and am ready for them to go to the deck. I do not winter ferns as they are too messy. I had a gorgeous shrub topiary I thought was fine outside and it seems very dead. I should have brought it in too. It is all work!

~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

I used to love having live plants inside...but I've given up! lol Hope you have a beautiful day! ♥

Victoria said...

I have to confess to having "faux" ivy in a couple of places, just to bring in some green without the maintenance:)

Cindy from My Romantic Home had some sort of an issue with a mirror in her garden, I can't remember if it actually started a small fire or if someone told her it could. But I do believe she took it down because of that reason. They do look pretty though!

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

I'm with you. I always have to start over every spring. I'm even so bad with plants that I start over in the summer too! lol The outside mirror reminded me of a trip I took with friends as a teenager. One of the girls left her compact open. The reflection of the sun from the mirror, actually burned a hole in the fabric in the top of the car. We kept smelling something burning and finally figured it out. The grandma who owned the car was none too happy!

The enchanted home said...

Nothing like the great outdoors...these gorgeous pictures have me craving spring more than ever...especially that first picture. A mirror outside looks enchanting and charming but I cant help but think its an accident waiting to happen!
I seem to do fairly well with outside planting but inside..forget it, though I don't generally do much indoors. That said there is nothing more satisfying than watching something come to life.....

Atticmag said...

What gorgeous outdoor scenes. Wow it makes me feel so cold here. We've just had 2 sunny days and are so thankful but it's far from those pix!

I've managed to keep my geraniums alive during the winter which is a small miracle as I'm so not a gardener. Beginner's luck, I suppose.
Thanks for stopping by.


Courtney ~ French Country Cottage said...

Hi Nita- Thanks for sharing these absolutely beautiful outdoor rooms! Gives me sone good inspiration for rebuilding my space- thanks for the chuckle too :)

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Nita, My plants do good outside but as soon as I bring them indoors they die! Thanks for the lovely inspiration photos. I love the mirror in the garden but I would worry that birds may fly into it.

Teresa said...

You made me =) today. I kill house plants too....I'm much better with the ones that live outside.
Great garden inspiration.
Have a great day

Unknown said...

I've tried wintering plants. Even went so far as buying a greenhouse. I was going to save a fortune, you know? All I can say, is the joke was on me!

buywowdruid said...

Lovely photos, I could soak my chilly spine in that warm and cozy garden all day.Spring planting really is fun activity. I have the same issues likewise back then so instead of ornamental I resort to veggie gardening. Fun and productive.

Tanna said...

LOL! Nita, I have the very same luck with indoor plants! Every year I vow to TRY to winter some of my outdoor beauties... every year, they die. I love taking care of them outside... don't know what happens when they become indoor burdens! LOL!

Bohemian said...

I love outdoor rooms and we have a couple on our property. But only the one that has a covered roof over it is the most practical because we live in the Desert and the intense sun and heat destroys things within a Season.

Dawn... The Bohemian

for the love of a house said...

I love Harvey!! That face, that nose.... too too precious!

This winter was the first time that I too have tried to overwinter a couple of ferns. I have them in the basement (today it's above freezing so they are actually on the front porch) but you are so right- a big mess. Mine weren't as big as yours so we wrap them in a plastic bag to get them through the house. Yes, the plant in the sink.... not fun;) Do give them a drink of water, I bet they'll be just fine!
kisses to the adorable Harvey!!