Sunday, November 24, 2019

Open House Sunday

 historic bungalow
built 1920
This little gem has been fully renovated. 
It's been stage in a very modern way which will appeal to young buyers.
 Lovely open rooms. Whoever staged this did a fantastic job!
 A very pretty color scheme going on in this room. The celery colored velvet chair is a nice touch.
This room is pretty, feminine and modern.
Of course those drapes need to be hung higher and 
they need to be longer but this is just staged, not permanent.
 Love those french doors that are common in bungalows.
 The layering of rugs is nice. I know young people like those macrame wall hangings but I still
remember them from my childhood. I didn't like them then either.
 So glad they left the partial wall in between the living room and dining room.
So many times in a renovation they remove this. Which is a total shame because it's such
a specific design feature to a craftsman bungalow.
This is the office through the french doors. I have been thinking of adding closets in this fashion 
to my front bedroom. I need the storage and I think it's quaint.
 Odd thing about this renovation is that it's staged modern but they chose old world lighting and bathroom finishes.
 A mid century modern light fixture would look wonderful over the table here.
 But that's an easy fix for the new owners.
I really like those bar stools.
 Love the original built in.
 That gold bar cart is just right against that wall.
 The flooring is very pretty here. Counter tops are too busy with the vibe of this house.
And another old world fixture over the sink.
 Really like the floor.

 A big miss in the bathrooms. They looked totally out of place.
This is the other bathroom. A pretty cabinet but does not go at all with the vibe of this house. 
It's pretty but just not right.

See the full listing here.

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