Sunday, September 1, 2019

Open House Sunday

built 1929
If you can believe that! But totally redone 2019.
Here is the before. 
This house might not have been the finest example of 1929 design but I would have rather seen a renovation that paid tribute to its origins rather than making it into a house that looks brand new. But that's just my opinion. Yes, placement of windows is odd. I wouldn't object to adding widows. Modern farmhouse is still very hot around here. Problem is...this house will look dated in a few years. If they had gone with a more classic renovation it would not look dated. That said...they did a good job.
Nice open foyer. Simple pretty staircase.
 Fireplace is cute. But will look dated in a few years.
Although, that said my own fireplace is of course very dated to 1931. I like that it's antique looking. But I'm sure people living in 1961 hated it. But you give something some time and it becomes cool even if it isn't in style. That's why I like antiques.
This house is staged and they did a good job. I love those bobbin chairs. I like the light wood color.
Classic Chesterfield sofa. When I was working in furniture stores - people always came in wanting a Chesterfield and we did not keep them in stock. They had to be ordered. I always wondered why they wouldn't just keep a leather chesterfield in stock and one in a neutral fabric. I could have sold them over and over. Now you'd think the store owners would ask us designers what people came in asking for. Nope. They did not. They let the merchandisers pick what was on the floor even though those merchandisers never had contact with the public. Very frustrating. 
On the inside you'd never think this house was built 1929. It looks like new construction except the ceiling you can see where walls were taken out.

Very nice kitchen and dining. A little too masculine for my taste but I know buyers like all of this.
Do you like the stacked subway tile? I prefer the traditional brick pattern. But this is more modern. Everyone says they are over white subway tile that bolder patterned tile is the way to go but I still love it. Love these countertops.

I imagine this used to be a den rather than a bedroom. And must have been an addition. I love a fireplace in a bedroom. 
This room looks huge. 
I really like this. Those lights are very pretty. 
I love the floor in here but not crazy about that large tile in the shower. It's practical, I suppose.
Love the tub.

Another bath
Oh...see you can see that the master bedroom was an addition. 
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Donna said...

I always enjoy your Open House Sunday. I'm glad to see you're back.
I really like what they did to the 2nd story of this house by adding another window. Otherwise, the style is not for me because I like the character of old houses and would have retained more of it. It's fun to look though.

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