The Weenies

My Darling Dog Family


{The Mean Queen}

This is 
Violet Olivia LeFleur 
She's called the Mean Queen because she rules the roost. She's the boss dog in my little group. She bosses me around too. She really isn't mean at all....she's just bossy. And she's a woman of status. She is never mean to the other dogs...but she is their leader. They watch her to see her reaction to things. If she walks up to the food bowl the others bow their head and look sideways to see if it's ok for them to eat. It is always ok for them to eat. I have never seen her be mean to any of them. Unless she beats them up while I am not here.

If they are all playing and bump into her, she will softly grumble and they all look at her like..."we are sorry, Mean Queen".

Such a pretty face. She is very, very sweet but as I said, bossy. She will be in the other room and bark and bark for me to come and I'll find she wants something moved out of her way. The others will walk around things but she will bark for me to come move it.
She is also my talker. She grumbles in a soft grumble to tell me things. She'll grumble in my ear when I tell her I love her. 

Me: "I love you Violet"
Violet: "grummmhmmmmgrummm"
Me: "I really do love you. You're a good girl".
Violet: "grummmgrowumpgrum"

One time the others were being super silly. Acting crazy and I said to them.
"You guys are crazy. What do you think, Violet"?

I swear she looked at me and said, "ah grunno". (I don't know)

It was so funny. 

My Mom has her two sisters. Their names are Daisy May LeFleur and Rosie June LeFleur. 

Daisy is a talker too. She has stuff to tell my Mom all the time. 

Violet is very well behaved. The only one of the weenies that I'm not embarrassed to take anywhere. She's always a lady. She loves being in the living room with me. The others aren't allowed in here...they jump all over the furniture and throw the pillows everywhere, so they aren't allowed in. But Violet can come in here any time she wants to get away from those crazy dogs. I think she would really like to be an only dog. When I take her to activities where there are other dogs. She ignores all the small dogs and runs up to the big ones like labradors and collies and says hello and doesn't even look at the little dogs. 

I have taken her to the Weenie Dog races here in OKC a few times and she will walk right past all the dachshunds and only pay attention to the big dogs that have been brought just to watch the race. It's embarrassing, other weenie dog owners will come up with their dogs to talk and say how pretty she is and she will totally ignore them and walk past to get to a big dog. She won't acknowledge the little dogs at all. It's like they are invisible to her.

When we go to bed at night...she absolutely will NOT follow me into the bedroom...I have to follow her. If I get there first...she stands at the door and stares at me and will not come in till I leave the bedroom and get behind her and follow her in. This can be exasperating.

She acts like a Queen and I am her lady in waiting.

She is the one that tells on the other dogs. I go outside and can instantly tell by Violet's face that Newman is doing something he is not suppose to. She never digs in the yard but often oversees Newman's digging. She will sit by the hole while he digs. He'll dig, then step aside, then she'll walk up to the hole peer in and step back and look at if to say "Proceed".

Ok, she says enough with the pictures...I've got places to go and people to see.

Violet's Song

Have You Seen Violet?
Violet Olivia 
Violet Olivia, the puppy.

Have you seen Violet?
Violet Olivia
Violet Olivia, so pretty

Have you seen Violet?
Violet Olivia
Violet Olivia, so lovely.

Have you seen Violet?
my Violet Olivia
Violet Olivia ...the puppy!
(Sung to the tune of "Lydia, Oh Lydia, Have you seen Lydia, Lydia the Tattoo'd Lady)

Each of my dogs has their own song. I always make them up a song when they are little and sing it to them. They get to know that it is their special song and their ears pick up when ever I sing their song. 

I know you will think this is silly, but they really do seem to enjoy having their own special song sung to them.

Well, now you have met the Mean Queen, Violet.

It can be discouraging living with someone that looks so pretty all the time. With no effort at all. Oh...if only I could wake up looking pretty like that and not have to do a thing to my hair.

{My precious Newman passed away on August 24, 2011. I have not had the strength to remove him 
from this page as of yet. He still lives in my heart as much as he did when he was alive. 
He is still part of my family, so I just cannot bring myself to remove him.}

Newman Ran Away!
full name: Hanford Newman Hoyt

He was very pleased with himself.

I had put all the weenies in the house and left the gate open to take huge bags of potting soil in from the car. You see where this is going. After I lugged them in, I went to the house and opened the patio doors for them to come out again. I was going back in the house...when I thought....did I close that gate?

I went out to see it was ajar just a few inches. They were all busy smelling at the new dirt I'd drug in...and didn't notice it was slightly open. I started talking to them...oh good puppies...what do you smell? sweet puppies...trying to stay calm as I worked my way to the gate. I had to walk through them to get to it. Newman looked up and looked at the panic in my eyes and his eyes went instantly to the opening in the gate...and he took his shot....out he went!

He is always trying to escape when there is a friend I hold him whenever anyone goes out the gate. He is usually fine with me....but this was his perfect opportunity and he knew it. 

I had to make sure the others didn't get out and go through the gate and latch it as he took off running as fast as he could...nose to the ground zigzagging back and forth across the street from yard to yard...headed towards the park...which is better than the other way.

He went the other way once...and turned around and went towards the I think he remembers the park direction is where all the interesting things are.

This scared me soooo bad. He's like 10 inches off the ground. He doesn't look at anything...he just runs...laughing the whole way. It would really be joyful to watch if I wasn't so frightened that he was going to get run over. There isn't much traffic in my neighborhood but just a couple of blocks and around a corner and he's in true danger....a heavily traveled road leading to a highway.

I was screaming for him...which does absolutely no good. But I was hoping someone would come out of their house to help me. Because he won't come to me...but there is a good chance he'll go to someone new just to see who it is and find out what they are about. 

It was noon today when this happened. Thank goodness at the house on the corner where there is usually no one during the day...they were having work done on their house. A very very nice man who was working there came out of the backyard to see why I was screaming..."Newman, no" Newman, no".

I asked if he would help me that I thought he'd come to him...Newman was in the bushes of the house then...When the man bent to try to get him, he ran through the gate into the backyard of that house. It was only then that I knew we had him. He tried to go back out and ran past the man but the man scooped him up as he went by. Newman was thrilled with the adventure...he was smiling from ear to ear.

I was near tears. I thanked my rescuer profusely and explained I didn't know what I would have done without him. How kind he was to drop all and help me get that little devil.

We then walked the block back home. Newman smiling all the way...He thought it was just a great day out in the big wide world.

(excuse those toenails...he keeps them razor sharp by digging all the time and refuses to let me clip them)

Newman. Very very pleased with himself.

He was sleepy right away though.

I say Newman is my real live boy...just like Pinnochio. Because he was a puppy that grew up to be a real live boy.

He's the first to come give me kisses if I am upset...

He loves to be kissed on the cheek. If I say, "Newman, I'm going to kiss you." He throws himself down on his side and turns his cheek up to me and wiggles all over in anticipation of being kissed on the cheek. 

He loves to sit on the back of the sofa and look out the window in the den. If I sit on the sofa...he will then jump on my shoulder to get down and slither his body diagonally across my body like a snake. This feels incredibly pleasant.

Sally was very happy to have him come back home today. Since Sally was a rescue dog...she knows what its like out there in the big wide world and she has no desire to go back out there. 

(Sally has cherry eye caused from allergies...she will have to have surgery soon)

All four weenies got out once...I caught them as they ran down the drive way. Harvey got scared and stopped...Sally changed her mind and followed me back to the backyard...but Violet and Newman took off. Violet threw herself into the arms of the first man she saw. This is what she always does. She's such a girl. And Newman went on a wild run that had me and my neighbors chasing him and diving to catch him like a greased pig at a fair.

It sounds like my dogs get out all the time...they do not. They only got out that once because I was having a garage sale and again had the gate open while they were in the house...then I let them out forgetting I hadn't closed the gate. That one time was the only time in 5 years they all got out. And only Newman has slipped out since. He got where he'd duck behind someone as they went through the now I always hold him while someone leaves through the gate. 

I tell Newman he would not like it out there in the real world. There are neighborhoods not far from me, where he might end up as dinner on the dinner table. But he doesn't understand anything about that. He'd have the greatest day...if he could, out in the world...but when night would come he'd be so unhappy to find himself lost and not at home in bed. 

Just look at that face.

This was while I was scolding him.

As all my dogs do...Newman has his own song...

Newman's Song
sung to the tune of this....

Na na na na
na na na Newman!
Na na na na
na Newmie Nu!

Na na na na
na na na Newman, na Newman, na 
 Newmie Newmi Newmi Newmi Nu!

Na na na  na na Newmi Nu!
Na na na  na na Newmi Nu!

Na na na na
na na na Newman!
Na na na na
na Newmie Nu!

Na na na na
na na na Newman, na Newman, na 
 Newmie Newmi Newmi Newmi Nu!

Whew! that was hard to write...I've sung it a jillion times but never written it out of course. When ever I start in with Na na na na...he immediately pricks up his ears...he knows its his song...of course he wouldn't have heard it if I'd sung it while he was running away today. He was in the zone.

Here's some pics of him as a puppy...he had turquoise he was named after Paul Newman and because I liked saying "Newman" because of Seinfield.

The rest of his name comes from a dear family friend who is no longer with us...Hanford Hoyt who complained that I named him Newman because of his blue eyes that were like Paul Newman's instead of his own blue I told him..."Ok, Hanford...I'll name him after YOU and Paul Newman". So his full name is Hanford Newman Hoyt.

Well, hard to see..but his eyes were turquoise. He was so little then. So sweet and didn't get in to trouble like he does now. He is always into something. I have wanted to post about him for ages...but you can't get him to sit still for photos. Today because he ran away...he was tired and would sit still while I took photos.

He's my Real Live Boy!

One day soon...I'll tell the story about Newman and the bird, but not today.

Harvey Bing!
full name: Harvey Bing-a-Ling-a-Ding-Dong-Dog
Here is my precious little baby. This dog was my third to add to the family. I didn't plan on getting him. You see...I got Newman in 2003 and he was so fantastic, my Mom decided she just had to have a male pup from the same breeder. Don't worry...they didn't come from a puppy mill. They came from a very nice lady that lives in Mustang that had a family of dachshunds and she occasionally bred them.
Harvey enjoying the sunshine on the back deck.
I let her know we wanted a boy for my Mom whenever she had another litter. We had to wait a year and a half before she had another. She emailed me to let me know that she had black and tans and a red and two brothers that were double dapples. She said we must come see them. 

Well, we went to see them when they were about 4 weeks old. So cute. Little white and brown spotted pups with pink noses and blue eyes. Mom picked out which of the two she liked the best. It was really hard to decide. 

The breeder, Lita, said she'd really like to see us take both of the brothers because she knew we'd be such good parents. I already had Violet and Newman. And Newman was still young and quite the handful. I said....I really shouldn't. I'd love to but two was enough for me.
It was hard to take photos of Harvey...since he is deaf...I can't make a noise to get his attention. He loves to sit on the deck and look out on the yard. I have many many photos of his backside. Did you ever see such a fat tail? Sometimes I call him pumpkin because he's round like a pumpkin. I also call him Mr. Sweet Feet because he has the cutest fat feet.

So the morning four weeks later that we went to get Mom's pup, I woke up in the bed with Violet on one side and Newman on the other. Newman was almost two and not tearing up things any more. I actually thought that morning....poor Mom....she's going to be chasing after a puppy tonight and for the next year....while I'll be all settled in with my two grown puppy to chase after.

We get to Lita's and there are the two darling all their spotted, blue eyed glory. Mom's pup is a handful but his brother is quiet and sweet. Lita tells me that the one not chosen by Mom is her favorite and she really wishes I would take him. So Mom looks at's just a few days before my birthday and she says..."Well, do you want him for your birthday?" Well, of course I couldn't refuse a puppy for my birthday, now could I?

We left with both of them.

All the way home with them...we kept saying to each other that they were so cute...we couldn't believe they were real. I kept thinking that over and over that they were too cute to be real and that my little one looked like a spotted flop eared rabbit. All of a sudden I knew his name had to be Harvey like "Harvey" the movie with James Stewart about the invisible rabbit named Harvey.

Mom named her's Marcus.

I was so worried that adding the third dog would bring great chaos to my life. But I needn't have worried. From day one, Harvey was the easiest of all. I did notice early on that he didn't react to noise. I'd come in the back door and all the dogs would be sleeping. Violet and Newman would get up as soon as they heard the keys in the door....but Harvey would keep sleeping. I soon realized that Harvey was deaf. This a result of his being a double dapple dachshund. I knew this was a risk when he was born. There is always the chance that double dapples will be deaf or blind. The dapple gene can cause this. I think Lita knew he was deaf and that is why she pushed him on me. Which is fine....he is perfect as he is and I've never regretted having him.

He was the easiest of puppies to raise. He is never any trouble at all. He never tries to runaway like Newman and he's not bossy like Violet. I won't go in to here all the things that Sally does that are so bad....we'll wait for her moment in the spotlight to talk about that.

Harvey watches my hand movements and the expression on my face. When I smile at him...he wiggles all over and hops toward me. He comes to me when I motion for him to with my hands. True, it's hard to get his attention if he has his back to me. And he was a little hard to house train because he couldn't hear me say..."Outside". Usually, I can get a puppy to stop what they are doing by clapping...saying "No" or saying "Outside" but this didn't work with Harvey....I had to physically go get him and stop him from whatever he was doing. But like I say, he was an easy puppy and it really wasn't that difficult.
Finally, got him to look up at me.
Harvey is afraid of the big wide world. The few times he's been out in the front yard....he's run back to the backyard. He is happy just staying at the house...unlike Newman.

I call Harvey my little pot bellied pig because he does love to eat and he is very fluffy. I know this is terrible....he weighs 30lbs! He should weigh about 18 at most. So this is not good. We really have to do a diet but the other dogs do so well on free feeding, I hate to put the food up and get them where they start thinking about food all the time and stuff themselves when they do get it.

Harvey loves to play with the food bowl. He loves to flip it with his foot and watch the food fly everywhere. Something that seems to annoy the other dogs. They don't like to have to go searching for their food. They'd rather just eat it out of the bowl. But Harvey loves to do this. At can hear him flipping and flipping the bowl over and over.
Harvey with Violet. 
At night when I put all of them in the's Harvey that comes up and climbs up into the crook of my arm to sleep with his head on the pillow next to me. If I am reading a book or magazine and am not lying like he wants me to...he'll cry till I put the book down so that he can get in his spot. I go to sleep most nights with him snoring in my face...which is just fine with me.

Harvey and all sleeping together like they love to do. When I am at the computer...this is usually what is at my feet or some configuration.

As all my dogs do...Harvey has his own song, sung to the tune of
"Everything's Coming Up Roses"

Harvey Bing
Harvey Bing

He's got the world, world on a string.

Harvey Bing
Harvey Bing

Everything's coming up Har-vey!
Everything's coming up Har-vey!

Harvey Bing
Harvey Bing

He's got the world, world on a string, ding

Harvey Bing
Harvey Bing

Everything's coming up Har-vey!
Everything's coming up Har-vey!

Everything's coming up Harvey, for you and for me!

Harvey Bing
Harvey Bing

and repeat until you can't go any more.

Harvey with is worried face. He has this face a lot. He worries a lot. It's a big scary world out there and he wants nothing to do with it.

That's my Harvey Bing!

I still need to show Sally. She deserves a great big photo shoot of her own and I'll do it soon....

Sally Ann Sue Rogers Stacy
So hard to get a good photo of Sally. 
She is constantly on the move.
Once she settles down...she'll happily sit in your lap for hours and hours.
But she's one busy dog when she's outside.

Sally's name just seemed to get longer and longer as she's lived with me.
She started out as Sally Ann Stacy
But then I added Sue to it because Sue is my sister's middle name and she is the 
reason Sally lives with me. 
Then I added Rogers to it because there was a very sweet woman 
in the little town where I grew up and her name was Sally Rogers.
She was the maid of honor at my Grandmother's wedding long long ago.
She used to babysit my sister and I sometimes.
At some point I just added the Rogers into Sally's name as tribute to her.

I always say Sally was raised poorly.
She grew up in a trailer park. And that is why sometimes she doesn't know better.
My sister who has some questionable friends, called me one day when she was driving 
back from a weekend trip to someplace several hours away.
She said she'd been with the sweetest pie bald dachshund and the people who had
her did not want her.
She said she was afraid of what might happen to that dog.
I asked why she hadn't thrown her in the car and brought her to me.
She said she was afraid to for I'd told her not to bring home stray dogs...
but I didn't mean unwanted dachshunds!

So I gave her gas money to go back for her two weeks later.
The people that had her were just tired of her. They just did not want her.
Can you imagine?

So late on a Sunday sister brought her to me.
Her eyes were all bugged out and she held her ears back with worry.
She had fleas and worms.
I bathed her immediately and she's never had a flea since.
A visit to the vet got rid of the worms.

Her original name was "Patches". I have never uttered that name.
I called her Sally the minute I saw her because I just thought she looked like a Sally.
And she learned that name in like 15 minutes. 
Like she'd never had another. 

Sally is a night owl.
She is always last to bed at night.
If she is in the bed when we go in there...she gets up and runs around the house.
During that time she eats and tears up things.
She was probably about 9 months old when I got her and very very skinny.
She's almost a chunk now. Well, not really. She could lose a pound or two.
But nothing like Harvey.

She was very nervous here for just a few days and then settled right down.
But the next time my sister came to visit a couple of weeks later, 
Sally looked very frightened. 
She bugged her eyes out again and held her ears back.

I think she was afraid that my sister was going to take her back to the terrible place she used to live.
She did this the next few times my sister came to visit.
Like she just knew this new life was going to end. 
But then she finally came to feel secure and began to be happy to see my sister.
She finally realized I was not going to give her away.

So I said that Sally is a night owl and she is a morning sleepy head too.
The others get up to go outside and she stays in bed.
When I get out of bed...she goes further under the covers hoping not to be bothered.
I usually don't wake her....I let her get up whenever she decides she wants to.
I totally understand because I'm a sleepy head in the morning too.

She is the sighing-est dog I've ever seen. She is constantly sighing.
When she gets all comfortable...she'll let out a big sigh of contentment.
She does this all day hmmmmmmmmmmm......I'm so happy.

Her only bad flaw is that she loves to tear up bed clothes and clothing.
This is exasperating.
Like chew big holes in them.
I've lost so many comforters to her. 
The quilt currently on the bed looks like swiss cheese.

On any given day I never know what color her poop will be.

I'm pretty good at keeping things up and away from her but if I slip in anyway,
I'll soon find blue or red poop.

Like over the past month...I've been distracted.
I found blue poop and wondered what thing of mine she'd eaten.
Sure enough...I found one of my dresses on the floor of the closet with big holes in it.

I've pulled panty hose out of her butt. 
It's really terrible. Very dangerous.
And I try so hard to keep it from happening.

Thank goodness somehow we've avoided any intestinal blockage so far.

As with all my dogs Sally has her own song.

Her's is 
Sally Wally Doodle All the Day

Oh that little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Isn't, isn't very good 
Isn't isn't any good

That little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Sally Wally Doodle all the Day

Sing, Sally Wally Doodle all the Day
 Sally Wally Doodle all the Day

That little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Isn't, isn't very good 
Isn't isn't any good
That little spotted dog she isn't, isn't any good
Sing, Sally Wally Doodle all the Day

I don't know that she likes her song very much.
All my other dogs, I sang their songs to them as little tiny puppies.

Newman would drop everything when he heard me start to sing his song
and turn to listen to me sing it. 
He knew it well and liked to hear me sing it to him.

Sally loves Harvey and Harvey loves Sally.
Violet tries to ignore Sally.
She just does not care for her. 

She never has...she looks the other way when Sally comes up to her.
She moves if Sally lays down beside her.

Fortunately, Sally seems unfazed by this and goes about her merry way.

I do wish I'd had her as a tiny puppy but I don't think she could love me any more
than she does. 

I used to get so tickled at Newman because he was always planning his escape into 
the big wide world. But Sally would never run away in a million years, she's seen
the big wide world and it wasn't kind to her.
She's happy right here.

One time all four dogs got out.
Harvey never left the yard and Sally immediately followed me back into the yard.
Violet went off to find a man and Newman....well Newman went off on an adventure.

Sometimes I open the gate and try to encourage her to go through it.
She shakes her way....I'm not going out there.

I think she knows a good thing when she's got it.

Henry Franklin Longfellow
My Little Life Saver
That's what I tell him anyway. 
I say, "Franklin, you saved my life. You're my little life saver."
He brought me out of a dark place.
His pure joy of being the most happiest any puppy can be has brought so much joy to my life.
The weather is just gorgeous here.
The weenies were having fun in the tall grass in the backyard -
Franklin, especially.
He's grown a little. He's been here almost two months and in that time we've bonded..
I've learned his funny little ways.
In this photo he was busy watching the red cardinal that was flying about.
He has a funny little smile.
See it that silly smile?
The softest feathery fur. 
He has lots of energy but settles down fast to snuggle.
He'll come running at me as fast as he can and throw himself into my arms
and then kiss me and put his paws on either side of my neck in a hug.
Yes, he's grown a little and his fur has gotten a little longer.
Harvey likes him now.
But he loves Sally the most.
This is what I come home to every day or night.
Franklin is always at the window...which of course means lots of 
nose smears on that window. 
But I can live with that. I love coming home and seeing him there 
anxious to see me.


No name said...

Violet is a beauty! She was the first pup so naturally she'll be bossy. She would get along fabulously with my guy, Sebastian; he loves little dogs!

Newman just looks mischievous and interested in everything that he should not be interested in. I can see it in his face even though he tries to look all sweet and innocent. Sweet yes...Mr. Innocent... not hardly. I'm an expert in dog language. lol ;) Newman is most like my Lab in I swear on all that's holy; he has the soul of a real live little boy in him. He's very aware of my moods and either crawls all 100 pounds on my lap to be comforting or brings me a toy. In his mind playing with a toy is a way to cheer me up. Sometimes I wish I was a dog too. :)

Harvey Bing is so cute. My friend has a deaf dog. Being around her was my first experience with a deaf dog. They can learn sign language and are actually such a joy to be around. It's almost like they are more appreciative of being loved on since on of their lacking one of their senses. I noticed Harveys eye looks similar to a persons eye that has Coloboma. I wonder if that runs in a dogs genetics also?! My guys on a diet too. He only needed to lose around 15 pounds and we're down 8 so far. He just was eating to much food. So we cut back the food.

All of your fur babies are so cute! I'm a huge dog person. I'm pretty active in supporting local shelters and the thrift stores that are in support of shelters as well.

I really enjoyed your post. Sorry for the extraordinarily long comment but it's hard to be minimal when it comes to dogs.


Unknown said...


Ann at the Handley Bungalow said...

I love your decorating, but now I love YOU because of your doggies! I have three and people think I'm nuts...I'm sure I could have four, although my four children keep me pretty busy. Your personality shines through and your blog is adorable! My dogs are all in the room right now as I write... they like to hang with me whereever I go. By the way, why do dogs feel it necessary to move the pillows on a bed, couch, etc.?? :-) Sincerely, Ann

Lorraine said...

awwwwwwwwwww.... I love the Weenies!
Love, Lorraine

Jeri said...

I loved the stories about every one of your babies! Isn't it amazing how they each have their own personalities!! Our oldest Bubba is the king, he keeps the other two in line. He's a little on the chubby side. We call him Bubba Chubba and Chubba Nubba lol. Our middle one is Baby and I swear she was a girl in a previous life. She looooves to put clothes on, get brushed, have her nails clipped. Our newest one is Chewie he's a wire/long hair mix and he's attached to me like a newborn. I love hearing other Doxie lovers talk about their babies!

BLiSsAngELs said...

Oh my I love your weenies being a mum to two very loveble weenies i know how they get into your heart ... I lll be back to see you again and barks and licks from Willow and Acorn

Hugs wendy

Mary said...

Oh I love your doxies!! I have 2 (had 3 but lost our double dapple in July) so now I have 2 beagles (don't ask, husband's idea) and 2 dachshunds. Quite the mix. I love them all dearly but am partial to the weenies. I love your cottage and your dogs ... thanks for sharing!

Shannon said...

I love all your hot dogs!! I have one named Moo. She is 7 and the love of my life!! Great blog!♥

Unknown said...

I just got a miniature dachshund called Minnie and she is Minnie the Minx! Sometimes called (for some reason) minnie la min mins (I don't know either...)! She is gorgeous and the love of my life but the cheekiest most bossy boots! All your hot doggies are gorgeous! <3

Anonymous said...

Love the doxies! I have a beagle/doxie mix named Gibby (really Gibson after the guitar company). You can see a photo of him over on my blog - I think the very first post shows him best. And of course he runs into most of my pictures!

S said...

I love that your dogs have funny long names and their own songs:) I've made up silly long names for my dogs, but not are awesome;) Sally

Unknown said...

Harvey is far too overweight.

Anonymous said...

I want a "herd" of doxies too!

Unknown said...

I just discovered your gang today. They are adorable. You should check out my dawgs' blog where they write all about their labrador adventures: