Sunday, May 24, 2015

Open House Sunday

California Beach Cottage
in Manhattan Beach
built 1955
See full listing here


vintage girl at heart said...

Yes PleASE!
Love every little detail from the grasshopper weather vane to the pops of green on the doors and in the kitchen.
The open beams on the ceiling and the all white baTH. The cubbie hide away bed in the children's room. It is all so cozy!
I think we need a BEACH getaway at this point in Oklahoma's historic flooding we are living through. I am over it.
Hope y'all are all safe and dry,
Thinking of you and your Mama.

Cynthia Myers said...

I loved the outside so much that I was holding my breath as I scrolled down to the inside and...
I'm ready to move it!
Love love love this.
Every single thing.
Did I tell you I'm painting my laundry room green?
Yep, absolutely perfect!

I hope you and yours are safe and dry!

Sonia said...

So pretty, it reminds me of places we have stayed in Carmel and Santa Cruz. The architecture is so classic California all along the coastline! Sure comes with a price tag though! I miss living there.

Chelsea Woodring said...

Okay...I adore this!! Absolutely in love with the green.

Debby said...

I adored this cottage until I saw the price. Wowwww.

Twinkle Terrior said...

What a cute cottage!! Catching up today. Still praying for your family ans so sorry about Marcus oxox

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I love the exterior colors on this one. So sorry about the loss of your mother's dear dog. xoxo

Vicki said...

Cute- the lime green works and really reminds you to have fun and enjoy the setting.
Thinking of you and your mom and hope it's getting a little better.