Wednesday, November 12, 2014

GE Artistry Appliances

This Time of Year
 My thoughts turn to cooking, as in baking in the oven cooking.
The rest of the year...I cook mostly on the stove top or in the mickey-wave
(as my Dad called it) Gee I haven't thought of that in years. But he always called it that.
My sweet funny Dad....anyway...
I start thinking about what I might bake for Thanksgiving.
And it's then I realize that the thermostat is still broke on my wall oven and 
I can't reliably bake anything in it.
Which gets me thinking that I must get it repaired...but I'd rather spend money on a new
range than fix the wall oven.
But that means an over haul of the kitchen which I am not against. 
I just don't have the funds to do this.
I want a vintage stove something like the one above.
But the fact that it would be hard to clean keeps me from it and that it would need repairs 
if I bought a used one also stops me.
So then I start thinking of new stoves like the one above. 
Glorious, isn't it? But way out of my price range.
But I still think I like the look of vintage best.
I thought a nice compromise would be this vintage inspired choice from Big Chill.
But at around $4,000...still highly unlikely.
I recently learned about the GE Artistry line of appliances.
I made a trip to an appliance store to check it out.
At around $600 it's a totally doable solution.
In person it's very attractive. Just a basic stove - with a slight vintage feel.
 It reminds me a little of this vintage beauty.
See it's perfect for cooking Thanksgiving dinner.
Although I'd never cook a bird in it....just side dishes.
A simple clock is the only adornment.
nice big knobs
Attractive matching dishwasher too!
The fridge has a distinct vintage feel...yet it would work in a modern kitchen too.
See how great it looks in a kitchen?
 This is GE's display of it in a kitchen.
Imagine this room with white subway tile. The tile in this kitchen is very distracting.
But I like that polka dotted dog!
 I hate black appliances but it looks pretty fantastic in black! looks better in black than in white.
But still...I'll never do black.
The day I went to see the GE Artistry in person I also saw this Electrolux Icon.
It's cost was about $2,500. I like the look of this range too but it doesn't look very vintage.
But I do like it.

 Here is a comparison of the Big Chill and the GE Artistry.
Yes, I like the look of the Big Chill better but do I like it $3,500 better? will still be awhile before I do something.
But if I went with the might actually happen this year.
If I go with something else I better just get the thermostat fixed on my wall oven.

At any rate the GE Artistry appliances are a wonderful option for anyone doing a kitchen remodel
on a small budget.

I'm sure I'll keep going back on forth on this for at least another year.

And then next year when Thanksgiving comes around again...I'll say...
shall I wait to get a new stove or get the thermostat fixed?

Really...I should just get the thermostat fixed now...shouldn't I?


heather gilmour said...

I like to buy for my home combined stove with gas and ceramic top.

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angie said...

süße bilder!!! einen schönen mittwoch wünscht angie

Stacey said...

Here's my take on it. My dad's old house that he just sold was 104 beautiful years old. He lovingly restored a stove (now I forget the brand name) for his kitchen. It was a beauty but old ones have pilot lights that never turn off. The kitchen was HOT in the summer! In the winter it was wonderful in the kitchen. Also, the temperature was never completely reliable so when we baked something we weren't really sure about the timing or how something would turn out. If I had a beautiful vintage house like yours, I'd get the new one that looks old. I think GE should sponsor you and put one in your kitchen! :)

donna baker said...

Yes Nita, just get it fixed. New ones are too expensive and getting one just for the look isn't practical. There. That is your conscious talking. I need two ovens and more burners, but I really don't cook much anymore and I've cooked about 40 Thanksgiving dinners without them, so I guess it is me really, giving that advice.

Cynthia Myers said...

I agree with Donna, just fix it.
I'm still sick and I'm just sipping hot tea and "pinning" on my phone. So now I'm full of ideas from Pinterest! Here's what I think. $4000 is ridiculous. The $600 one is simple and lovely. You should fix the thermostat in your wall oven and save your $ until you are able to buy ALL the appliances plus more.
Funny thing though, the two houses I recently lusted after around here both had wall ovens!
Yep, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. :)

Sue Silva said...

I'd be tempted to get a new one too, Nita. But you should probably fix it :(

Butterfly 8)(8 Bungalow said...

I have the Electrolux Icon stove with a SMEG refrigerator. I really like both, one is Swedish and the other Italian, but my kitchen is tiny. By the way two weeks ago, I saw the "vintage" looking GE refrigerator at a scratch, dent, wrong order stores. I was shopping for a replacement for the side by side in my shed. It was a great price, but too big for my potting shed. (I wouldn't be able to open the door. ) I went home to measure, and I was so disappointed, because it was such a great price, and so cute. It had a shiny, black finish with a nostalgic handle. Well made. xoxo I love all your ideas.

vintage girl at heart said...

I hope GE reads your post and gifts you with one!
I love the huge expensive ones too and guess what most of the homes that have them do NOT even cook! What a waste I think but they are easy for me to clean since they do not use them. :)
I love the $600 one and I'd love to have gas again too. Ours is electric and black but it works okay so I am stuck with it. I guess we can all dream right?
Love the post and hope you and the weenies are staying warm!

Magali@TheLittleWhiteHouse said...

I think I like the cheaper one better... I love the little clock on it. Somehow I can't wait to see if you're still hesitating on a stove next year!

Vicki said...

Oh, I can relate to this- I have an old O'Keefe & Merritt stove and the oven thermostat doesn't work. Someday I'll get it fixed, but in the meantime I can recommend the Breville toaster oven-- although not for a turkey. :)

Susan Clayton said...

Due to happenstance the houses I've lived in the last several years had Viking ranges. Before that and growing up it was always moderately priced GE or Kenmore/Maytag.
I thought I was an inept baker and cook. What a difference a higher end range/oven makes!
PS - 2 of my Mom's GE's had electrical fires. Just sayin'.
PSS - Yes white subway would be SO much better in the picture. I made happy squeaky noises when I saw the pink mixer - I have one just like it! And I kinda laughed at the 'big knobs ' comment.

Anonymous said...

There are two vintage gas ranges in my basement that came with the house. One is broken, but I don't know which one needs work. They have a board across their tops to make a counter for some of my craft "stuff." Guess they will still be here when i move out.

If you do get the thermostat repaired, you might think of replacing it instead. I highly recommend repairclinic dot com for assistance and for new parts. (I don't get paid for promoting them, but they are, IMO, top drawer folks).
I'm getting used to the vintage look. Who'da thot it.
On another level, eating TKSGVG dinner in restaurant is so much easier, neater, and relaxing. I'm so glad i discovered it!!!!