Sunday, January 26, 2014

Open House Sunday

Atlanta Cottage
 built 1935
We're back in the Morningside neighborhood of Atlanta, this time an actual older home not one 
that just looks old. This is a pretty little tudor revival that's been completely updated.
 I like the cool colors used in this home. The chevron pattern of the tile is a nice touch in the entry.
 I love the furnishings. Linen slipcovers and painted woods mixed with a little industrial.
 It's all very pretty but I think looks too new. This could be a brand new house on the inside.
 The fireplace is very pretty but I doubt it's what was originally there.
Might be but the stone or marble definitely isn't.
Love the turquoise ginger jar on the hearth though.
 The colors are very calming in this house. I LOVE that painting on the wall of the boat.
 Dining room keeps the same feeling as the living room. I like the dresser used as a buffet.
I questioned the dark hutch but when you see the kitchen you'll understand why it's there.
 From this angle the hutch looks very dramatic and makes sense in the room.
 Here is where the dark wood comes in. The whole kitchen is dark wood.
 I find this very disappointing. A white kitchen would have been so much better.
And I find myself wondering what the original kitchen looked like.
Although, I think this room looks to have been added on to the home.'s a nice kitchen....I just think they could have done so much better.
 If I bought this house...I'd be painting these cabinets immediately.
Now, we are back to the soothing colors of this home.
Love this bed! I could totally climb into that and rest easy with four weenie dogs. 
Of course
the whole look of the room would be ruined with the addition of a dog ramp to get them all up into the thing. 
 How about this glass and metal cabinet in the bathroom?
I love it! It needs shelves in it though to make it really work for the room.
Dark cabinetry again...which I don't like and it's so ordinary. 
But oh...I'd like to have that shower.
I don't think anyone is actually living in this house and this photo confirms it.
No widow treatments in this bath and you look out to other houses and perhaps a road.
That rug ruins the whole look of this room. Other than it...I like all else.
 Another pretty bedroom with a nice big fluffy bed.
 This room perplexes me a little. what is that stone thing?
I think perhaps It might have been on the outside of the house at one time?
I don't know...I thought it was a fireplace at first...but no....perhaps its a planter?
 Yes, I think it's a planter.
And this looks to be an upstairs room...making it even more confusing.
 Love the possibilities of this attic room. Love that white chippy spindle bed and that big lamp!
 hmmm...dull bath
 I do like this laundry room! But on closer's that dresser in here that makes me love it.
Still...I so would love a laundry room...a laundry room is so much better than a laundry closet which is what I have.
big big deck on back

All in all...a very nice home.
I'd live in it.

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  1. Well, this house is of course a 100 times better than mine own but something is off. I don't know what it is. Nothing jumps off the page.
    But I really like the bathroom but agree it needed lighter cabinetry.
    I LOVE that painting too.
    Maybe if there were brighter colors and not so muted against that dark wood?...not really sure.
    That stone thing that's been made into a planter? I think it was a fireplace at one time. My parents home had a fireplace with a raised edge like that. I think these people filled it in and the added an edge to pretend it's a planter...but why?
    LOVE the exterior and how the drive goes around to the back.
    Yep, just needed a different designer and it could be Fabulous.

  2. Beautiful home...I love it all except I would have chosen different cabinets for the kitchen.

  3. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dreamy photos!
    Have a beautiful day,

  4. Hi Nita. I'm crazy for that entry floor. Took my breath away! It's a lovely house, but far too cold for me, I need fabric everywhere"! But that's just me. I would absolutely snap that up if I were house shopping there.

  5. I like the darker wood as I guess it's a relief because everything is white or off white these days.
    I like white for bed linens and such, but sometimes a change is good for me. Love the house, except for the room upstairs with what looks to be maybe an addition with that brick work on the wall. Another thing I would not like is the hot oven next to the fridge.
    I am sure I couldn't afford this house, looks to be expensive in an expensive neighborhood.

  6. I thought that this house was disappointing. I was sure I was going to love it until we got to the second room. It looks like all of the original charm was removed, even the interior doors are new. Hopefully they had a good reason to remove all that charm.
    Thanks again for weekly post, it is hands down my favorite post each week.


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