Saturday, January 25, 2014

Chinese Lanterns in Decor

I'm a sucker for a chinese lantern. That image above just slays me.
A quaint chinese kitchen or is it japanese?
I am embarrassed to admit I don't know the difference.
But I adore everything about that room above.
Especially the large lantern as centerpiece.
This isn't the same kitchen but it gives the same feel.
Vintage floral china, chippy painted finishes and lots of chinese lanterns!
How impressive is this?
I'm tempted to do my whole dining room ceiling in this manner.
If it were taller....I'd totally do this.
 Just a few lanterns make a room special. Even in a knotty pine cabin, they work!
This space has been one of my favorites forever. Peonies, outdoor patio and lanterns.
cherry blossoms and lanterns, a classic combo
Aren't they pretty outside? I must add some to my outdoor decor this year.
A modern form of the lantern is always a nice touch in a bedroom.
This room has been a favorite of mine for a long time.
No lanterns here but they certainly would fit right in.
This whole image is like one big paper lantern.
delicate, floral, pastel, bright

Just my thoughts on this cold January day.

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  1. As a person who is enamored of lanterns, I found this post to be very enchanting! You found photos with such beautiful and warm colors as well, so pretty!!

  2. I adore Chinese lanterns. Thanks for showing so many inspiring pictures. Especially since I've been thinking of getting some to brighten up the house this winter. They definitely look festive whether used inside or outside.

  3. how festive and a great way to add pops of color for any season!
    i am pretty sure they have these at he okc asian markets esp around chinese new year. thanks as always for the inspiration! you really think outside of the box :).

  4. Oh that last room is a dream! I love the drape made out of an old chenile bedspread!! I have a spread just like it and I'm going to put that in my idea file! Gorgeous images of all the lanterns. I think there are both Chinese and Japanese lanterns...don't know which is which though! Love your style!
    Miss Bloomers

  5. I used them in our daughter's room. I love the way they draw the eye up and add a pop of colour in the room. Lovely!

  6. Nita~ I am loving these lanterns!! Plus they are giving me some great wedding ideas!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend~

  7. OMG...I debated about even commenting on this post.
    I've left and come back and ok, I just gotta say it.
    That first image upsets me, starting with all the plugs and extensions in a single outlet.
    Aaarggh FIRE!
    and that poster behind the heat register
    AND the cabinet doors not completely closed, WTH?
    and all those messy papers hanging on the clip board and bunny ears beneath the stool.
    The shoes I understand, mine are at the front door but seriously
    I hardly even see a lantern.
    I can feel the tension building in my shoulders looking at the photo
    and I am definitely NOT a neat freak.
    On a more positive note, I like the patio photo...
    that is lovely.

  8. Cindi -
    I think you might be a neat freak. I think that photo is charming. I love the bunny ears under the stool. Yes, all the cords into that plug in..might be a fire hazard but I think it adds to the ambience of the photo. Perhaps that's how they live over there? I love the haphazard feeling of the it was taken from real life. I wish I knew the original source of the photo.

  9. Hahahahaha! Omg if you could see my home! Every surface has stuff piled high on it. My plan is to clean, organize and get rid of all this junk! Maybe that's why I'm umber-critical today.
    But hey, life would be so boring if all we ever did was agree with one another. XOXOXO
    and I adore you for the fact that you can see the prettiness instead of the "hazards" and such.

  10. Your photos are lovely. I love lanterns. Thanks for the joy you just gave me. Ann Marie @ Iris Abbey

  11. Very inspiring and the pastels are as refreshing as sorbet. Happy Pink Saturday!


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